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About Us

Why Evangelion?

Evangelion was born out of a dream to evangelise our beautiful country – Aotearoa, God’s own. Sadly New Zealand has become more and more secularised in recent years and we are quickly slipping away from our Christian identity. From all the progressive laws we’ve introduced, to the echoing calls to change our national anthem. We need to do something NOW to reclaim New Zealand for God and spread the message of Christ with truth and love in a compelling way.

Public Speaker

"The whole Church is missionary, and the work of evangelisation is a basic duty of the People of God."

- Pope St Paul VI (Evangelii Nuntiandi)

Meetup Event

To be successful in our evangelisation efforts we first need to be filled with passion and love for our faith so that we can share the good news with joy and ardour. Not only do we need to know and understand the beauty and richness of our faith...we need to be set on FIRE!


“How do we do this?” you may ask. We recognise the revival and reinvigoration the Church in America is experiencing through the blessings of the passionate, gifted speakers they have available to them to headline their big conferences and events. We ourselves have experienced a fire being lit within ourselves after hearing talks from these speakers, and we feel like this is just what we need to light a fire in the Church in New Zealand. So we thought, why not bring them here?

So what's the plan?


Our aim is to raise funds and bring these amazing speakers to New Zealand at least annually to headline our own conferences and travel the country to touch as many Kiwis as possible. Our hope is that many others will be inspired and set on fire in the same way we have been so that we can all passionately go about the evangelistic mission of our Church.

Man of Faith

“Evangelisation is the mission of the Church, not just of a few, but my, your, our mission.”

- Pope Francis

Evangelion Vision

We envision that every New Zealander experiences the fullness of our faith in all its truth, beauty and goodness, and is filled with passion and zeal to go out make disciples in our nation.

Evangelion Mission

To light the fire of Christ in the hearts of Catholics by sharing the truths of our faith in a compelling manner.

Events and Resources

We would also love to provide and direct you to as many faith building resources as possible, so please subscribe to stay updated with our news, events and free resources. If you would like to know more about how you can support our mission to evangelise New Zealand, click here. God bless!

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